twenty-two in review

Last week I wrapped up August with a killer birthday/three-day weekend. This birthday bookended the most jam-packed and significant year yet. For that reason, it felt especially easy to reflect on the past year and feel shaken by gratitude and God's clear provision.

The year of 22 meant the beginning of everything: marriage, life in this Banker's Hill apartment, forming a new post-grad community, starting work at Plant With Purpose, and watching San Diego become home. It was the year I spent one final month as a daughter at home; it was our wedding week, and it was that golden day. It was all that followed: a honeymoon and moving life into this little home and spending holidays with new families and finding a church and building a community group and establishing routine and new traditions and cementing friendships and flying cross-country to visit faraway friends. It was a full twelve months of engagements, late nights at favorite spots, new schedules, visitors in our home, growing into jobs, and a million other firsts. 

It was a year of pure gifts and once-in-a-lifetimes and I'm realizing now, on the other side, how rare those are. Above all, it was a year of promise for what is to come and how much there is to look forward to. 

My prayer for 23 is to find gratitude and intrigue in life exactly now, even as it's more about the little things than big ones. From where I stand, this year will be decidedly different than last, and I'm okay with that. Last weekend during my self-imposed Birthday Reflection Time, I asked Jesus to teach me how to choose Him and His joy every single day. To teach me to say yes to all His freedom. To teach me to give my mind to the Spirit for control, where there is life and peace. To teach me that there are blessed changes and constant new mercies ahead.

Here it is, this unknown year. Joy over task. Freedom over self-protection. New mercies every morning.