Throat clearing

Dear internet, 

Today I love you. Let me explain.

There is an expression - "clearing your throat" - which refers to the shaky first steps a writer takes when finding their stride. Clearing your throat is inevitable, and it's awkward. But as far as I can tell, throat clearing is a much better alternative to not making a sound. You have to push through to get the good stuff.

I've been dancing around writing online for a while now. I read others' posts like an addict, and I write for existing outlets. But creating a personal space feels so very daunting. I don't have a solid theme. I don't have content mapped out. I don't have a good grasp on audience, because one hasn't formed yet. Nonetheless, there's some noise happening over here. 

It's funny. Writing a blog is a self-conscious endeavor that you actively hand over to an entire online world. Sometimes that world seems ravenous, and sometimes it seems kind. But my distaste for messy, learn-as-you-go beginnings is small compared to the encouragement that can unfold online. I'm glad there are enough brave ones out there who share pieces of their experience, extended in palms for us to see. I'm grateful for what their stories have meant to me. And I'm grateful for the gentle hands pushing me forward to tell more stories. Today I love this funky online neighborhood.

Thanks for leading the way. Thanks for forgiveness. Thanks for letting me clear my throat. 

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
— Sylvia Plath